By March 26, 2020Latest news

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on business and trade across the world. The effect of the virus in Italy has been well publicized, with the number of cases and deaths at a catastrophic level. The emergency shut down measures are necessary, but are having a huge impact on the economy and welfare of individual citizens.

ENI is the largest company in Italy employing more than 30,000 people. Many people depend directly or indirectly on ENI for their jobs. ENI has already donated over $55m to fighting the Corona Virus. Now it needs your help too.

With the country in virtual shut down, domestic demand for product has all but dried up. ENI is now focused on overseas markets to keep their manufacturing facilities going. Government regulations allows for ENI to continue to produce and ship product as an essential service to the country.

Chematek Australia is the distributor of ENI Oils and Lubricants in Australia. We (Chematek) are an Italian owned company and hold high levels of stock for commonly used products in Australia. We would like to encourage all Italian businesses in Australia to use ENI Oils and Lubricants so together we can generate further demand for the manufacturing plants in Italy. All cost savings from ENI Italy are being passed onto Australian customers in full as we seek to pass full benefit across the supply chain.

Our aim is for Italian businesses in Australia to work closely together and to support each other. Not only will this keep Australia moving, it will help support Italy to get back on its feet.

ENI has oils across a wide range of sectors including Automotive, Bike, Marine, Mining, Civil, Agriculture, Food, Industrial and more. We would love to talk to you in further detail about how our products can make a difference to your business.