Designed to lubricate shaft bearings, remove heat, operate the servomechanisms of regulating values and lubricate gear reduction units. Eni turbine oils satisfy the lubrication needs of all types of gas, steam and hydraulic turbines, and combined cycle plants. By continually improving formulations, Eni promises higher levels of performance. Eni’s partnership with top-class manufacturers has made it possible to improve formulations over the years, guaranteeing higher levels of performance. Nowadays OTE and OTE GT are a quality reference in a market orientated to very high levels of applied technology.




Characteristics: oils with high resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Excellent demulsibility and antifoam properties. Applications: all parts (bearings, control systems, etc.) of steam, water and gas turbines operating in normal conditions.

Viscocity ISO VG

32, 46, 68, 80*, 100

Classifications and Specifications

ISO 8068 –TSA/TGA/THA DIN 51515-1 TD ASTM D 4304 Type I BS 489:1999 CEI 10-8 (1994) General Electric GEK 28143B Alstom HTDG 90117 V0001 X Ansaldo Energia 606W807 Rev.C (2012) Doosan Skoda Power Siemens TLV 9013 04 Nuovo Pignone SOS 02111/4 Nuovo Pignone SOM 17366 Rolls Royce


Characteristics: oils with excellent resistance to oxidation and outstanding antiwear property (FZG> 12° stage for ISO VG 46). Applications: gas and steam turbines, also in combined-cycle plants, with bearings subjected to high loads and high temperatures. Suitable where the turbine is equipped with a reduction gear unit.

32, 46, 68

ISO 8068-TSA/TSE/TGA/TGB/TGE TGSB/TGSE DIN 51515-1 TD ASTM D 4304 type II DIN 51515-2 TG GM Lubricant standard LS2 (2004) General Electric GEK 28143B, GEK 32568H, GEK 101941A, GEK 107395A Nuovo Pignone SOM 23543 Nuovo Pignone SOM 23687 Solar ES 9-224 CLASSE II Alstom HTDG 90117 V0001 X Ansaldo Energia 606W807 Rev.C (2012) Siemens TLV 9013 04 Siemens TLV 9013 05


Characteristics: oil with good oxidation resistance and excellent antiwear property (FZG> 9° stage). Excellent demulsibility and antifoam properties. Applications: marine steam turbines, also with associated gear units.


ISO 8068 TSA/TSE NATO O-250 MIL-PRF-17331H (SH)

Alisma 32 PV

Characteristics: oil with good antioxidant and anticorrosion properties. It contains vapour-phase inhibitor which provides corrosion protection. Applications: for initial filling during acceptance testing. Provides also protection during storage, shipping and long stop of gas and vapor turbines and turbochargers.


ISO 6743/5 TSA

Turbo 23699

Characteristics: synthetic oil with excellent antioxidant and antiwear properties and very low pour point. Applications: industrial and marine aero-derived gas turbines.

27 (viscosity class not regulated by ISO 3448)

DEF-STAN 91-101/1 ISO L-TGCE NATO O-156 MIL-PRF-23699 Class STD PWA 521-B

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