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By February 19, 2020March 10th, 2020Latest news

Winches, deck cranes, mussel harvesting equipment and davits are among the many hydraulically-driven items of plant on Sanford’s aquaculture vessels. Most of the equipment, oil supply and return lines are mounted on upper decks where potential failures present a very real risk of spills of hydraulic oil into the environment.

In the sensitive areas where Sandford operates, even minor spills could be significant. As well as planning for spill response equipment and training, the Sanford engineering fleet team is proactively working with ENI oils to trial Arnica S46, a biodegradable hydraulic fluid. ENI Arnica S46 is an ester-based, biodegradable and fire-resistant hydraulic oil which on exposure to the environment decomposes into alcohols and glycols, its biodegradable organic components.

ENI Arnica S46 fluids rapidly separate from water, which can be drained off the bottom of the hydraulic system tank. This minimises the presence of water in the circuit and guarantees the continuity of the lubricant film and correct lubrication. Hawkeye, which is Sandford’s primary mussel vessel, has used ENI Arnica S46 as a hydraulic fluid for over two years with no detrimental effects on machinery performance. They now plan to roll out ENI Arnica S46 to all Sanford vessels as the hydraulic fluid of choice.