By May 24, 2018 June 8th, 2018 Latest news

Mobile water treatment solutions were one of the hot topics at the Chematek stand at Ozwater’18, Australia’s annual international water conference and exhibition.

It was the first time Chematek had showcased its line of ‘plug and play’ mobile water treatment plants in Australia, and its range of technology and services drew plenty of interest.

OzWater’18 is the southern hemisphere’s largest display of products, services and innovations for the water industry. Bringing together 4,275 industry professionals over three days in May, the event featured 226 exhibitors showcasing the latest technology and innovations in water, asset management and research.

Dr Alessandro Perra, Commercial Director for Chematek’s Water Division, says visitors to the Chematek’s exhibition stand were keen to know more about the capacity of the company’s mobile units and whether waste water treatment solutions could also be offered in a mobile format.

“It was clear that recycled water is the direction the water industry is taking,” Dr Perra said. “Our customers want to recycle water due to the scarcity and cost of water.”

Chematek’s mobile water treatment plants have proved themselves time and again in many parts of the world.

Available for sale or rental, the mobile water treatment plants offer fast ‘plug and play’ installation, flexible positioning on site, and guaranteed quality and quantity of water. They use reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and a range of technologies to treat sea, brackish and fresh water, as well as wastewater.

“Allowing a complete water treatment plant to be housed in an iso-container, the mobile plants are adaptable and highly technological solutions that deliver high-quality treated water from any source to serve a wide range of applications,” Dr Perra says.

The mobile units have the potential to bring far-reaching benefits in the areas of agriculture, industry, mining and residential development, as well as for tourism and leisure operations such as golf courses, resorts and nature parks.”

Chematek offers a range of technologies and solutions, including design, manufacturing and sale of customised plants, which can be either mobile or permanent.