Eni Marine Lubricant range includes technologically advanced lubricants for the full range of marine craft.

Products include cylinder oils, system oils, transmission oils, hydraulic oils, greases, transformer oils, rust preventative oils and other fluids for on-board auxiliary machinery. All Eni Marine products have also been developed in order to protect people, vessels and the environment.

Engine Oils

for low, medium and high speed engines

Turbine Oils

mineral oil products and specific products forl aerodrive gas turbines

Gear Oils

including mineral oil products, synthetic and for high pressure applications

Transmission Oils

for automatic transmissions and for high load hypoid systems

Compressor Oils

for air compressors, refrigerating compressor oils (including Freon and Ammonia systems) and for LPG compressors

Hydraulic Oils

including mineral, synthetic, biodegradable, non bio-accumulative and fire resistant hydraulics

Heat Transfer Oils

with excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance

Transformer Oils

with low maintenance costs and good heat transfer capabilities