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Atlantic Oil

By May 17, 2021Latest news

We had the pleasure of catching up with Nick from Atlantic Oil to talk about the success that he has had with Eni products. Read through below to see what he has to say about working with Eni oils and the importance of multiple approvals. 

How have you had recent success? 

“My Success with Eni products comes largely from the fact that they provide so many benefits for end users. They actually develop their own oil and use their own additives.

It comes from Italy, it is good quality and they go through the full process which is something that a lot of other oils in the market don’t do. The fact that Eni is end to end is a big part of what attracts people to it as a product and the OEM approvals are something I always talk about with workshop owners.

I’ve found that eni products are competitively priced, compared to some other brands that people look at in a similar way, like liqui moly and motul, even including Penrite, Repsol, Castrol and Fuchs.” 

Why are multiple approvals important? 

“Well just the fact that Eni has multiple approvals for their oils, means that for workshop owners they don’t have to spend as much. They only need to stock one oil that has multiple approvals, otherwise they would have to stock several oils which may only have one approval.”

Product highlight?

“Because of the Multiple OEM Approvals for the i-Sint 5W-30, fewer numbers of lubricants need to be bought and stocked, allowing for more space and cost savings in workshops and garages. Thanks to the approvals they can also be trusted to perform, giving peace of mind to vehicle owners and mechanics alike.”

Key specifications and approvals for i-Sint 5W-30 include: API SN, BMW LL-04, ACEA C3, VW 504 00 + 507 00, PORSCHE C30, MB-APPROVAL 229.51