Why Are We Different?

  1. Expertise. Specialist knowledge and supply relationships across a range of specialist product categories. (link to product page)
  2. Experience. We have been conducting business in these categories for over 40 years. Its this experience which has built our expertise. 
  3. Technical excellence. In product storage, handling and usage. 
  4. REACH. We are REACH approved (and qualified to sell product in Europe) for 29 specialist products.
  5. Customisation. Our R&D team and laboratory is a world leading facility developing products for clients and suppliers. 
  6. We are partners. After the product sale we work with our customers to help with technical requests and storage requests. Our relationship does not stop at the product transaction. 

What Can You Expect From Us?

  • Global sourcing so you can easily the best and most appropriate products.
  • On time logistics and supply chain management and stabilization. So you can operate your business without delays.  
  • Technical Advice. Pre and post sales customer service. You always have access to our experts.
  • Customs clearance so you don’t need specialists or outside contractors.
  • REACH. Regulatory compliance so you don’t need costly licences and hard to do paperwork. 
  • Strategic and compliant warehousing locations. So stock is on hand and accessible quickly. 
  • Product customization, modification and tailoring. Get the exact product you need or develop new ones.  
  • Small order specialists. We breakdown product so you can hold the quantities you need. 
  • Regular Communication – frequent and advisory not just  transactional. Our aim is for you to get the most from your products.

Additional Benefits of Using Chematek  

  • Finance. So you do not have large transactions up front. 
  • Laboratory Access. In house chemists and labs to develop new products and new ways of doing things.
  • Ethics. Transparent business dealing – genuine relationships. So there are no surprises. 
  • Consistency. We are reliable and always available. Our advice can be trusted. 
  • Experience. With over 40 years history in multiple geographic territories and a huge global supplier and client network, we are experienced and equipped to deal with the unforeseen and difficult to control.
  • Well Connected. We have detailed product knowledge and sourcing networks. You will get the best product solutions.
  • Excellent Safety. We won’t compromise on safety to get the job done. 

Product Range

Our fine chemicals division specialises in difficult to find, hard to store, technically hard to manage products. 

We have a large range of acyl chlorides; aromatic aldehydes; anhydrides; anilines; chiral resolving agents; coupling agents; hydroxylammonium salts; inorganics; iodinated derivatives (organics); paraformaldehyde; phenols; piperidines; pyridines; quaternary ammonium salts; reducing agents; sulfonic acids; trifluoroacetic acids; trifluoromethanesulfonic acids and much more.

We understand well the industry applications for our products in pharmaceuticals; galvanics; polymers; dyes; rubbers; resins; cosmetics; flavour and fragrances; plastics and more. Please talk to us for more information.

eni Lubricants

Water Treatment

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