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Eni products for agricultural machinery

By February 28, 2020Latest news

In recent times, climate and environmental protection have become increasingly important in people’s minds. This can be seen in the worldwide “Fridays for Future” demonstrations.

In the course of these demonstrations, agriculture will also be subjected to closer scrutiny in order to shed light on the effects of species extinction and nitrate pollution on the soil. In order to become proactive, biodegradable lubricants are increasingly used in this area. In the event of an accident, the environmental impact of using these products is significantly lower than that of standard lubricants. In some municipalities, for example, there are already regulations that only biodegradable chainsaw oils may be used in forest work.

In order to support our customers in this industry in the best possible way in meeting climate and environmental protection targets, we at Eni Schmiertechnik GmbH have the following rapidly biodegradable products in our range for agricultural use:

– Hydraulic oil Eni Arnica Extra pluS
Rapidly biodegradable hydraulic fluid based on fully saturated synthetic ester for all highly stressed hydraulic systems
– EU Eco Label –

– Hydraulic oil Eni Arnica S
Rapidly biodegradable hydraulic fluid based on synthetic ester for all highly stressed hydraulic systems

– Saw chain oil AUTOL Biokettol
Saw chain adhesive oil based on vegetable base oils, formulated with a rapidly biodegradable additive system and with good performance properties