In all Industrial processes, lubrication plays a vital role.

eni industrial lubricants have a proven track record operating under severe conditions delivering increase machine operating time, reduce maintenance costs, reduce energy consumption, improving output quality, and protecting operators and our environment.

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eni: A Trusted History


Generations of Italians have known and trusted eni since the 1950s when the post-war economic boom meant more cars and easier travel.

Today, eni is a multi-faceted global energy company generating $112 billion in business revenue. The largest company in Italy and one of the world’s top 10 oil and gas businesses, it operates in 67 countries. More than 4,200 service stations across the globe proudly bear the eni logo.

Described as having its paws in Italy and its head in the world, the six-legged dog always manages to look ahead.

Formerly known as Agip, eni lubricants are available in Australia thanks to the company’s exclusive partnership with Chematek.