An innovative synthetic lubricant recommended for lubrication of the main gearbox and bearings in wind turbine systems produced by the most important manufacturers. The special formulation technology adopted guarantees an outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability as well as a robust protection from corrosion and wear processes, and most notably, micropitting.

With its very high viscosity index and very good air release properties Eni Blasia WT 320 guarantees the oil film continuity in every operating condition.

A careful selection of the special synthetic basestocks has allowed the maximisation of the additive solubility in order to optimize the properties delivered to the finish product.



Specifications and Classifications

Sumitomo Drive Technologies – Hansen Industrial Transmissions – approved to be used in Hansen industrial gear units, series HP1, HP2, HPP, P4 and M4ACC, Siemens Flender Rev. 16 – Hellical, Bevel and Planetary Gear units.

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