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Case Study – Belmore Motorworks

By May 17, 2021Latest news

Belmore Motor Works has been in existence since 2011 and will soon celebrate its auspicious 10 year anniversary in 2021. George and his team, however, have over 30 years of multi-dealership experience, and 35 years of customer service know how.

George was a BMW Dealership Senior Customer Service Advisor, trained with a professional understanding of the contemporary technology used in the manufacturing of the modern BMW, and hence, Euro model vehicles. Having worked on a variety of vehicles from the beginning of his career, including police cars, he reiterates again and again that genuine parts and factory approved oils, are crucial factors in ensuring the quality and performance of your car.

As integrity of character is echoed in one’s work ethic, so is this then reflected in the level of customer satisfaction and also by a vehicle’s optimum output. The criteria to ensure these outcomes must inevitably include a high-quality level of lubricant, used primarily to ensure that a vehicle’s engine is maintained at optimum levels of both performance, and longevity.

In all their years of experience, the Belmore Motor Works Team attribute 98% of all engine woes to one thing, the quality of oil used. Full stop. It is truly the number one, all important aspect of a vehicle’s smooth and long-serving engine criteria.

When George first founded Belmore Motor Works in 2011, he sourced Agip oil, knowing from his years in the automotive industry that it was what one of the world’s most proven oils in performance and prestige vehicles. Within a couple of years, availability become somewhat difficult, so an alternative oil supplier was reluctantly sourced, until now!

A favourite saying of George’s when pouring out ENI oil, about to be used in a beautiful performance vehicle, is: ‘look at it, it’s so clear you could use it on your salad’.

This speaks fathoms about the regard and insight held regarding to ENI oil as the best serving lubricant for euro model vehicles.

What makes ENI oil better than the rest, besides your incredibly competitive pricing of course, is the visible purity of the oil when placed along lesser quality oils. The richness and full-bodied aroma; the fluidity with which it pours with smooth consistency.

“The oil temperature on my M model BMW is so much more consistent now”

“The tappets sound tighter.” 

“The engine feels heaps smoother and quieter.”

Needless to say, when ENI chose to bring their oil back into the country, the team at Belmore Motor Works were more than a little excited.