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this is Chematek.

Forty years of existence and experience funnelled into three segments: Fine chemicals, energy and water. We have challenged ourselves in testing fields and difficult geographies over four decades. The result is a well-honed product and solutions provider backed by a well evolved logistics, warehouse and laboratory infrastructure.

Spanning nine global centres we reliably and efficiently source and deliver fine chemicals, consult and construct engineering projects in the petrochemical and water segments as well as distribute lubricants for third parties and for our very own brand, Verus in China.

eni Lubricants

Chematek are the exclusive distributors of eni lubricants in Australia. Eni, a brand synonymous with high-performance, provides a wide range of oils and lubricants in the Automotive, Heavy Duty Transport, Industrial, Mining and Marine sectors. Together, we bring premium quality European oils and expert technical support to you, across Australia.

Our Services

Oil Testing

If your equipment is exposed to extreme working or environmental conditions; or you need to be aware of early warning signs to prevent costly, unscheduled downtime then oil testing is vital.

National Supply Chain

We have partnered with a world-class, global logistics provider to ensure that we deliver to you on time, every time. With distribution centres in every state across Australia and transportation by land, sea or air, Chematek can deliver to you with reliability and speed.

Operator Training

Selecting the optimal lubricant for your machine is only the first step. At Chematek, we want to make sure that you get the right lubricant, in the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time.

Technical Advice

Our team of engineers are available to provide our clients with full technical assistance, whether it be in water analysis and treatment, or oil & lubricant selection and usage.

Water treatment

Engineering your needs for access to clean and safe water in containerised, modularised and fixed plant form. We offer value add solutions, from the adoption of chemicals to treat industrial waters to consulting, advising and building desalination plants to serve whole communities.

The latest news

Eni sets a new standard with 0W-20 bio-engine oil

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Eni is one of the first in the world to develop biological 0W-20 engine oil: Eni i-Sint Bio Tech 0W-20. Thanks to the bio-ester base oil, the Eni i-Sint Bio Tech performs 17 percent better than the traditional 0W-20 in the Fuel Economy Test (Sequence VI-D API). The high-performance bio-engine…

Eni products for agricultural machinery

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In recent times, climate and environmental protection have become increasingly important in people's minds. This can be seen in the worldwide "Fridays for Future" demonstrations. In the course of these demonstrations, agriculture will also be subjected to closer scrutiny in order to shed light on the effects of species extinction…


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Winches, deck cranes, mussel harvesting equipment and davits are among the many hydraulically-driven items of plant on Sanford’s aquaculture vessels. Most of the equipment, oil supply and return lines are mounted on upper decks where potential failures present a very real risk of spills of hydraulic oil into the environment.…

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